Rug Cleaning

All of the team members at Rug Cleaning Alpine know how important your rug is to you and because of that, it is important to us as well. Many rugs are made from delicate and unique fibers that make your rug beautiful. Whether you received your rug as an heirloom or it was purchased by you, our team can provide you with the rug cleaning services needed to keep it spotless and odorless at all times.

If you want to have your rug cleaned, our team offers free pick up and delivery services too. This service is available to our customers and it will ensure that your rug is kept in the right hands at all times.

If you would like to schedule rug cleaning in Alpine, give us a call today at 201-298-4829.

Our Rug Cleaning Process in Alpine

For your rug to be properly cleaned, it needs to be treated with the best care. Automated machines and strong chemicals are not what your rug needs, and it can actually lead to damage. Our team will sit down and create a customized cleaning plan that takes into account your rug’s size, fiber type, condition, and more.

Below, we will talk a bit more about our rug cleaning process in Alpine and what you can come to expect when you hire our team.

Pre-inspection. The first step in the process is to have the pre-inspection done. This is where our team will look over your rug and make note of any issues with it such as any holes that may be present, stains, and so on.
Color and dye test. We will perform a color and dye test on the rug to make sure that the colors will not bleed or run. Once the test has been completed, we will be able to plan the proper care for your rug.
Vacuum. We will vacuum your rug to remove any dirt and dust from it before it is washed and treated.
Stain and spot treatment. We will use a special spot and stain treatment on your rug to remove any stains and odors that may be present.
Full submersion bath. A full submersion bath is used to handwash your rug. This bath consists of water and a solution that is safe to use on your rug. Once the bath is made, the rug will be placed fully into the water and then cleaned.
Rinse and dry. Once the rug has been cleaned, it will be rinsed and then dried using a high heat process.

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If you have rugs that are dirty or stained, it may be time for you to have them cleaned. Our team is here to help make sure that your rug is handled and cleaned properly. If you would like to schedule rug cleaning services with us, now is the time to call Rug Cleaning Alpine at 201-298-4829.